Tree Removal

tree removal north brisbaneUnfortunately, sometimes a tree can not be saved and must be removed to preserve the safety of people and property. With over 25 years combined experience in the tree industry in North Brisbane, our highly trained tree removal and pruning team will help you to determine the condition of your tree and recommend the proper course of action. Removal of trees is a large and serious task, it requires the help of a professional arborist and team of skilled tree specialists such as ours. We have all of the necessary equipment in to ensure the tree removal is completed as safely as possible and no damage is caused to your North Brisbane property, neighbouring properties or people. Our team have been trained thoroughly and fully understand the techniques need and dangers of this job.

Our trained tree climbers and ground crew understand and comply with the strict safety requirements and Environmental Protection Act at all times. If you are clearing a new plot of land for building in North Brisbane, we can help you remove the trees there as well. Our plot clearing and stump grinding service will take care of any problem trees or bushes on your new property. Using a trusted tree removal company such as Statewide Tree Management for your new plot of land ensures safe and through removal of trees . If you are wanting to save any trees, we can assess the safety of them at the same time. We understand that sometimes trees must be removed urgently and we will always work efficiently and effectively to remove the problem tree as soon as possible. We aim to minimise disruption to your home or property and will remove any mess that is created from your tree removal. We offer no obligation free quotes and provide our tree removal and extended tree services to the North Brisbane area.